Poetic Freedom

The universe is crushing me with its love and care.

I feel the total opposite of hopeless despair.

I feel angels sewing my scarred wings.

I feel as if life feels like a dream.

The universe is wrapping its entire strength on my soul.

I feel as if I cannot breathe.

I feel as if I am overly keen, overall sensitive.

An old soul, I feel as if I am a spiritual veteran.

The universe is drowning me in truth;

My cup runneth over.

My heart is spilling over.

My mind is numbing in love.

I bask in his presence.

What is this life sentence…

I am not in a state of complaint, simply and solely expressing.

I see and feel unlimited blessings.

How do I move?

How can I focus.

Your loved is too focused…

Its crushing my soul.

God please, thank you.