I feel ant-like.

The entire world and universe, in comparison to us?

Giant and expansive.

And we are like the sands, covering the land before the ocean.

The dark skies, looms over us.

And the existential feeling, is like the steam over ice that is cool.

Thoughts rippling.

Depressive, happy, sad, etc.

All minuscule, in comparison to the air that rules.

If trees could walk, and it’s branches were actual limbs.

It would tear us to pieces.

Laughing in disgust, at our failing as a species to move forward in love.

Our mistakes and mishaps,

which tortures us, and crushes us.

They are no demons.

They are simply errors from being human.

We are unnecessarily hard on ourselves.

We are, however, are all also, very unskilled, at simply, being.