Hurt feelings

I feel shame as a man.

You feel disregard and indifferent.

I feel blame as a man.

You see me as inconsistent, and thus we are distant.

I shut down, because I drown –

In deep feelings, that are chilling.

I am high, as I write.

You are quickened to not listen.

So you pass, and I gasp…

At your willingness to accept what truly isn’t.

I express and you neglect.

But I am willing to peace bridges.

So I follow, and you swallow…

No return, you have the power.

So I end up with poetry, because I am misunderstood;

I demand to be heard.

So, equally, we both shall get the last word.

The glass, the thick glass intangible.



That is fine with me…

Just respect me…

You say that you carry empathy.

Well, it is not right to leave a man with a feeling so empty.

Dedicated to C. G.