I’ve met some beautiful flowers this semester.

Some great and simply, good flowers…

They still follow me, and encourage me, the lone flower.

I am a strange flower.

I adapt, and change colors, all the while staying true to the flower I am.

To the fellow flowers, who are shining so bright and beautiful.

Man or woman.

I need you to know that I honor you.

I respect you, and so I say – namaste.

Everyday, is a holiday!

No, I do not wait or anticipate some grand day.

Today, I am alive, amongst so many flowers.

They follow me, and I follow them.

In a way, they honor me, and I honor them…

Thank you for respecting my journey.

I’ve been through a lot of difficult and different things in life;

I took the road less traveled.

But with encouragement and genuine support, I can face any battle.

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