Our insecurities are false, I just wish we could escape.

Overthinking all our thoughts, because we are sucked up in a race.

I just wish we could take off, as an entire human race.

But we blocked off all our love, by the pursuits that we chase.

I want to love you, I’m so pure –

But you see me as so deep.

Wrote this in a state of love, while you were walking across the street.

You see, we make it really hard, but it could be at ever ease.

I’m just following my heart, but I was trying to move on.

And I really love your smile, because I really love so strong.

I don’t want to detach…

But I must, to move on.

Women think that I move fast.

But they’ve never been so wrong.

I’m limitless,

I’m limitless;

our time is just so limited.

Resorting to what’s primitive, these institutions, we need to get rid of them.

Constricting all our thoughts, and we need to be imaginative.

So I’m fighting at all cost, for the brave new world, that we are perhaps, currently, living in…