Love’s inspiration

I am on a writing spree.

I have to express all that is inside of me.

I miss a love, I miss a connection.

I like being alone, but sometimes, another heart would nice.

And I do not want to settle, I know I am confusing.

But I do not want to settle…

I know what I want, and I do not know who.

I am just following clues, the rhythm of my heart.

It has to feel, right.

It has to empower me, and incline me to write.

I am lost, but sure of where I am headed.

Somewhere nice, something heavenly…

A love, a beautiful reward…

And my amygdala is sore, loving strangers, giving my heart to people that do not deserve.

They see me as weak, deep, naive or foolish.

So I suppose, indeed, I am.

To be a man, that desires one unruly thing.

One thing worth it all;

Love & not lust.

Love… be careful, I remind myself.

Love, I say, do not lose heart!

It is coming, it is forming, the universe will reward me accordingly, just keep pushing on…

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