“Allowed to breathe…”

I have writing to do, I have things to say!

I am taking my time, because it is only play…

I have things on my chest, and weight on my shoulders!

My heart is still warm, it couldn’t get any colder.

I have empathy to share, and emotions to feel!

My life, is something I want to live.

I no longer want to kill – myself, my dreams and aspirations.

I have cleansing to do, deep sanitation…

I have friends to connect with, and clouds to walk on.

I feel, I feel, so, reborn!

I used to feel suicidal, lost and dreadful.

I hated my life, and just wanted to settle.

Settle with death, no longer wanted to be a part of this plane.

I felt insane.

I felt insane.

I felt insane.

But now I fly, and cruise at times.

I read the signs, as they fall into my lap.

I no longer search, because God has my back.

I have my memories!

I can recall information!

Before it was lost, and I felt I paid a dark cost…

I have my soul, I feel alive!

I’m taking my time, I’m taking my time.

Thank you for your help, I’m only up from here…

Enjoying my life, no longer fighting despair.