Muse ~

They say that God is maybe a figment of one’s imagination!

But I see his creations, I see his intentions, I feel her sensations!

I know of God because I know of their power!

Through muses, he cues us – it is a matter of the heart’s language!

God is sinful and scary, he is dangerous and dark!

God is benevolent and vengeful, how can we say he is just a man or a woman?

He is a force, are you blind or do you simply lack imagination!

That is fine, but do not parade in, or degrade him or her, and say things like he is simply an idea!

Ideally, we are meant to know him so real!

Philosophers discuss its essence, while souls of other professions respect all of it’s existence!

Something we should all experience, but it is not feasible!

I do not want to preach, but most have been cut off from a God so reasonable!

Despicable humans, we are all too human.

All we do is ruin.

Judging others, and negatively, hurting our fellow beings with disgusting, egotistical, ugly, and infamous tribalism!