They say not to play with fire…

I played with darkness, and it made me a monster.

A monster, double over…

I am now, walking over – to heaven’s doors.

The tall doors, are grand and big.

I knock, and it says to never lose myself in the imagination so vivid and starry.

I ask if I am able to enter, and they say that I am not allowed with a heart that is raging, and storming…

I must dance, and so I write lightly.

I must be a gentle star, not a chaotic star with fire too immense.

That is the easiest way for heaven’s doors to shut me out.

To become so dark, that my love runs out…

I have to live lightly, not dangerously!

Yet, I have to live wisely, not aimlessly.

You see, there is immense complexity while living in this flesh.

Demons and angels rarely mesh, unless…

The angelic love is restored by something exterior.

However, I have not found and am not found…

So in interior, is a battle and constant pull and push.

I trust and have faith in the unseen.


I dream.

Hope, and imagine.

I hope, I cope, with empathy, everlasting…

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