I harbor all of this darkness, I just desire a release.

Crying does not help.

I simply desire a shoulder that I can lean.

Eyes that are felt, feelings that are met.

Stars that are sparked, fire that is kept.

I harbor all of this darkness and I desire a woman to keep all of my dreams.

Sacred in her soul, I am lost in all black.

I need love to protect me, from demons that attack.

I am afraid, yet, while awake,

I am fearful, and yet, fearless.

I don’t want to be trapped.

I can not afford to be that.

My life is subjectively real, only I live in my shoes.

I don’t want to be depressed, I will sleep soon after this.

I feel feelings that overheat and overwhelm.

I don’t want to be locked, as if recording that is film.

I need to express, let out and decompress.

I need to let go, move on, and stay strong.

Who knows what’s ahead, what is done is done.

What’s been said has been said.

I need to be loved, this is dire at times.

I’ve learned too much, this world that I am in.

A reality rare.

Fighting all of this despair…

Often, and subconsciously.

I am doing my best, to live wholeheartedly and honestly.