Do you believe in redemption?

I believe in repentance.

I have to be honest with myself, there was a time that I was willing to sacrifice myself…

My soul, has been battered and harshly lost.

Walking in darkness, forests that are crippling.

It would not end;

It would not stop!

I simply wanted my heart to drop.

To drop.

And it ends…

I am walking in this darkness, how am I maintaining?

I feel as if I am draining…

Please, do you believe in redemption?

I understand my wrongs, but this sentence is ending:

My hope, my love, my dreams, my life, my wishes, my pride…

This sentence is bending, my mind and my soul.

I need to be heard, truly.

I need to be held, to cool me.

My heart is on fire, it is burning.

A love I am yearning for, it is not desperation?

I am afraid and in hesitation…

I do not want my heart to become cold from this world’s cruel temptations.

That will not happen, because I believe in redemption.

This sentence has been harsh, what is next in these next few years!

No more tears, just a feeling in my gut…

No longer stuck, just a feeling that is enough…

I need love;

I need love.