Do you want to know a romanticist?

Meet Elijah.

He thinks that he can save the world with a formula…

Look him in his eyes, his cornea –

And he will tell you with great conviction.

That the secret to life, is empathy – it’s the secret to winning.

He will pronounce that we need it, for ourselves to live with integrity.

He will say that, without it, we are doomed…

And this is no God complex, we can all practice this skill.

He says that he will happily delete his social media – but that would not be empathetic of himself, it would not be real.

Because alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

And because I am a dreamer, I rather do more than do just enough.

I understand, I post a lot about needing a love – but then I snap out of my romantic desire.

And to save the world with empathy becomes much more dire.

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