Beauty and beast…

I have to watch my temper – somehow and someway, I must find my center.

Every so often, telling myself, disregard my passions, and desires – I have to focus and discipline myself in discomfort.

Perfecting my character, and allowing more riches to flow…

Loving myself, is self care, it is the important aspect that nourishes my soul.

Plenty of fish in the sea, is that how the saying goes?

I suppose, I am so rich, I am growing in immense impatience.

I think because my kingdom’s heart is so much.

I only desire a lady.

I’ve conquered myself over and over – where is my reward universe?

I am humbly asking, because my heart’s contents are spilling right out.

I want to spend the night out, exploring the depths.

Giving my heart.

Giving my heart.

Giving my entire heart.

I want to draw constellations of the spectacles in and of our spirit.

I want to lay my heart on your chest, your heart I can hear it.

I want to hear the succulence of your voice.

I want to love you by choice.

Vice versa.

Vice versa.



Dear unknown,

I want you to be my home.

I’ll provide all that we can ever need.

This is not a bargain or selling myself to you.

I am simply drawing it my dream:

Ideals, expectations and love.

Perhaps, as I draw, the universe, whatever is up above – will give me and gift me with a heart that is love…