It is clear that we live in a fallen world.

I struggle daily, and it is difficult.

Lust, is my biggest obstacle.

Women have no pity, and they have no obligation to have any…

They will go on tempting, and being as they do.

It is up to me, to maintain my cool –

Hold my ground, and be myself.

Disciplined, mature, honest, and sound.

I am no saint, but I know my worth.

I cannot let my ills, diseased thoughts, to rummage through my soul.

My psyche needs to come still, or else lust will have its hold.

This is my sin, and fallen nature.

I am no better, and neither are you.

We are in a fallen world, fighting to be true…

True children, and I wish it could be different.

I think if I had one love, lust from me would be distant…