I think that I have found my Juliet.

Now, I am going to fully invest.

I have been suffering from lack of love.

But I am ever evolving, and to speak honestly – God’s love is not fully sufficient.

At times I need, and desire a manifestation of his works of art:

The divine feminine.

You say that you want to enjoy my poetry, well, I write openly, and my heart’s language is pouring streams of emotions.

My mind is ahead of its time, and at times, I cut myself and damage my own heart.

I am not saying that I am in any lack…

It’s just this, at times, my genius attacks.

I feel trapped.

And it is not the greatest feeling.

It is like being placed on a deserted planet.

I have no problem being candor.

That is my nature.

And you are flowing with my nature, and it provides me strength and inspiration.

And I want,

I do not exactly need, a love.

But then again, I feel in some ways, I do.

It is not desperation, but immense sincerity, this is true.

I am a different breed.

I am intense.

And so are most guys in this generation of technology…

This age of egocentrism, and narcissists.

I want something better, and poetic!

My mind, my abilities, surpasses those superficial deeds that makes emotional beings leave…

Love is the true and only thing worth a thing in my life.

Further, I am happy that I have met you.

Curly hair, beautiful eyes.

In my eyes, you are the most supreme prize…

I suppose this is a great starting point, life is so long and great.

So much to look forward to,

And I am happy I can dream with you.

A romance, a creative romance.

Worlds to build, and a love, a beautiful love, to only yield.