Heart speaks

You have a space in my heart…

It is a speck that will grow into a spectacle.

I am painting a visual, I hope that you can see…

This speck can grow into a cave, and I think about how I want to love you in so many ways.

I wrote this piece with my heart, my motive is simply my intensified pen.

My intensity is my nature, can you feel all that is naturally within?



Focus on me.

For a few minutes, and hours in this night.

If I become too intense, we can glide back down, from our loves flight because I understand that it can be a fright.

My motive is to always find evolving ways to feel you, and passionately love you.

We can only go higher, and I can only become better.

This is how flowers grow, and this is where seeds are planted.

Are you ready, for love’s enchantment?

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