God’s Plan

I have to acknowledge that I am still fragile.

However, I am strong and I am still in this battle.

I spent 3 months, and after that I walked a higher hill – wondering inside of a box.

With the help of Christ, he helped me strengthen my heart.

I shutter, when I think of what I overcame.

I’m still sane.

I’m still sane, and I still have my brain!

I could not think, and so, I willfully forced my creative energy to overcome this blockage.

I forgave my enemies, and I repented…

Was I simply held with too much knowledge?



I lost my will, and it is still building.

I lost my spirit, and I felt like ESU killed it.

Yet, God and Christ has rebuilt it.

The devil still attacks often, and sees that I am one of God’s strongest children…

I am 22; I still have much to live for!

I am climbing up a higher mountain;

I’ve become experienced with climbing the steepest.

Lastly, I truly want to thank my friends, supporters, and family;

You are the main reason, why I am still believing.