Synesthesia… 🍃

I feel vibrations.

It is quickly felt, in seconds.

I feel elation, and it’s spirited into my body.

I feel divine, and honestly speaking – Godly.

Yet, I am in this human flesh, this human shell.

I feel vibrations, and it is hard to tell –

What is this?

Negative, positive?

Is it both, or is it nothing.

Is it my brain, making a cognitive connection.

Is it simply chemistry?

This feeling feels strong, and I am sure that this is my life’s mystery.

Am I mistaken?

Are these spirits?

When I was younger, voices, I would hear them…

Closing my eyes, and covering my ears with music.

I remember waking up to a feeling, that I did not want to be near in…

The vibrations capsuled my body.

And I felt like an utter waste.

Waking up to a moving darkness.

I could not move.

My amygdala froze.

I am scarred with this memory.

But I am proud, and I am sure and know what it was.

You could not break me.

Jesus, said that he would never forsake me.