“Against Abortion…”

I was told I am a propagandist because I am pro life.

That inspired me to write poetry so nice…

Dear unborn, your life is sacred and I am against abortion.

Regardless, of when your essence takes formation.

Your life is not meant for utter scorn, as if we are not raised with utter caution.

All families and households — teach not to have kids so early on…

So to delete, kill, terminate, and get rid of a baby unborn…

It is asinine, immoral, unethical and selfish — you deserve(d) to be adorned, as you are formed…

It takes two to make a creation!

The man deserves a say, because he wants his child to grow up to play…

But in matters of unfortunate moments —

This is a prompting for us to make society form…

Into higher ground, and higher civilizational duties!

It is our duty.

The Earth is dying.

The Earth is dying.

The Earth is dying.

The baby is crying.

The baby is crying.

The women are crying.

The women are crying.

The women are crying.

They’ve had enough.

They have had enough.

Men, we shall rise — and care for the broken and unloved;

With balance of masculine and feminine, because

Women have lost their moral compass — they no longer desire to nurture.

They want to keep their right to kill, to keep their right to murder.

We need more elegant care, and proper love.

We need a community that is truly unruly.

We need to enter the Aquarius Age — and leave back this archaic stage:

Of stupidity, hostility, judging, and unjustified egotism.

We lost all holiness, and it is scary.

I always wondered, and imagined to raise a family, with a wife to marry…

Sadly, women care to compete and try to overpower me and great men.

They do not even realize, that I am approaching this situation as a friend.

They demonize me because I am anti-abortion.

I feel hell is dawning, and I am practically crawling…

Stoically, and spiritually!

This subject makes me feel discomfort, the more that I think of it.

So this will be my last peace, ever describing my distaste for the subject.

Still, I must beat the nail on the head.

I am anti-abortion, I am anti-abortion…

Because I see, the beauty and grace of life.

The magnitude and magnificent joy of breathing, thinking and loving.

We can have a utopia, but still you go on shrugging, and judging…

I am pragmatic, and still — I am quite intelligent!

But you see me as opposition, or this piece as some kind of scandalous vandalism…

But you see, abortion raises questions that we should ALL be discussing-

We shall be expanding, and speaking optimistically about the web that abortion springs off…

Yes, it is illegal, but think grander, and more poetically.

Your nature is profound, your ability to nurture is magic.

I wish we can go back, to times where women were less drastic.

What happened?

I blame, culture.

We have become too domesticated, too cultured!

No one reads, and that makes me bleed.

My heart is overflowing, and so I wrote this poem.

Getting these emotions out, so I can live with peace in my home.

I am against abortion, and I am pro life.

Abortion is savagery, actually— to oneself too!

Abortion is cruel.

Abortion, the idea and action.

Abortion is taxing, on young teens and adults.

There is always light on the other side of the tunnel, life is not pictured perfect or clearly and finely cut.

But to say that abortion is the way, and proudly say!

Women, you may attack me, but still see my point of view…

Men, us men, do not want to kill our children, it is not right and it is against life — it is profoundly cruel.

It is disrespect to God.

We have grown so advanced and comfortable in technology, that we think we can always find an easy way out.

But no, no, no!

That was never what life, was about…

I spent my entire life, overcoming, defying odds, and now I am mentally free!

I say that, to say so did my mom.

A strong woman, could have taken the easy way out too…

But she raised me, without the idea coming to mind, under those harsh conditions.

I will not allow myself to sit here, and agree.

No, that is not me!

I am against abortion, and I am against negativity, neglect and ignorance!

And my writing is now done, go ahead and be belligerent.

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