“Love Inspired…” 🌹

Love is stabilizing and mobile.

Love is there, when it appears that none wants to hold you.

God is there, to nurture and provide.

God is here, when all else collides.

The moment in time, when you are suffering in darkness and discomfort –

Call on love, this reminder has its purpose.

I am earnest, the heart says…

The world is changing, and evolving vastly.

It is important that one writes poetry, passionately and everlastingly.

Drink coffee, be amongst your tribe.

Love never dies, it only transforms and resides.

Secret areas, search and you shall find.

Hate is blind, and wanders aimlessly.

It can never overtake the love, in which love, acts more courageously.

Write patiently, write, read, exercise and focus more.

Meditation is the ultimate sensation!

It provides the elation, in which eases the vibrational sensations.

In all occasions, walk with integrity:

You’ve overcame great tests.

I have surrendered to Christ, and now I am growing in redemption, as a reborn man…

This land, is for love.

This world, is in love’s hands.

And throughout and into the intense infinite —

Always remember, although, love is within, love outside shall never leave, and shall stay during the darkness imminent.