“Silent Hill…”

It is a silent night, as I walk in this silent hill.

I feel stabs in my stomach, and my organs feel plummeted in stench.

Am I human anymore?

Am I breathing or simply, dying?

Love is needed, or thoughts good for my well-being, has to be manifested and spoken into existence…

Other wise, I may not be able to make it out of this prison.

Listen, I need this like love depended on you for everything.

We can face anything, heavy rain, or sunshine all over.

The soul is special is to me.

You are special to me.

You’re like a vessel to me.

I am so happy to be alive.

It is only a matter of time, as I think about a perfect love like this more often…

Every song and poem that I make, is like a playlist building.

I’ll never play you, but show you, the magic that was in you all along.

You are the most perfect, powerful, and most peaceful song —

To my mind and my heart, the heart is separated because it has an intense and interesting intelligence by itself!

I’ll show you as the day goes by — with each poem that melts…

Your love is like ever-flowing and overflowing lava.

And my star, our star, only grows hotter and hotter.

Constantly, and cooling over and over.

I am God’s soldier, anointed and protected.

I simply grow more powerful and loved, by the seconds.

Dedicated to Constance ✝️