Be yourself ❤️

There is always a story being told and read.

Somewhere in the world, a book is being expressed.

The magic is within, all.

That magic is love, imagination, and wonder.

It does not only, and solely, appear in the summer.

Winter, and spring has specialness and awesome beauty to appreciate like the grandest and most graceful aesthetic.

Optimism is a blessing too!

The value is itself, advanced and lovely as it is new.

New to hope, when all else has failed us.

Love, and it’s many forms is the ultimate tale to tell of.

Enjoy it, and paint your story.

You are the architect and true creator as you spew what is inside of you.

And even still — paint, draw, walk, and string; glide, ride, sigh, write or type – in the summer, into the winters, fall and spring.

The force of love, abounds and is limitless, while it is always creative and never wrong or punitive!

Glide, on the sky’s, Atlantis, and magical areas.

Never suffer in imagination.

Feel and allow love to ripple through the sensation of love, and elation.