Actual Hero

I was reminded to stay away from the surface level thinkers.

I was told that it would be dangerous.

I am a little naive, I thought everyone would appreciate the universe and all its spaciousness.

Consciousness, is a kind of strange thing.

The collective consciousness, feels as if it is all in my brain…

I understand what you want.

I understand what you want.

I went through the rabbit hole, and came out in some sacred forest…

And I look at what you desire, as something completely boring.

As for Art, elegance, poetry, and brilliance…

Advancement, adventure, and magic!

These are the things worth grabbing…

I feel sorry for sorrowful pursuits, because those things are nice –

But leaves one feeling empty.

While I am stuffed and full of things worth plenty –

Gold, is now what I desire…

The world, power, and more passion.

Love, keeps me moving forward and motivated…

There is nothing else more sacred, love is the only thing that will save us.