Can we return back to fall, or can it come very soon?

This heat is deadly — it’s suffocating and drenching…

I’m sweating and stumbling;

I am searching and wondering.

It is like a desert; and I’m searching on concrete floors for roses like me;

Surviving death, and darkness, just isn’t that easy.

I am one of a kind, and this heat is dying my pedals to a crisp.

I have crystals on my wrist, sacred crystals that are mixed…

That enhance and protect my spirit…

My mind did not parish, but I have become enlightened and blessed.

I feel embarrassed for my vulnerability, but still – I am just misunderstood and a little self-conscious.

Maybe a few months from now, it’ll all change.

This summer heat leaves me drained.

Red wine stains my brain with hope.

Yet, I feel like I am at the surface again, with trauma mixed with unbelief.

Writing this poetry does more for me, than you can possibly believe.