Rise with you ~

I want to rise with you…

When I’ve fallen, can I reach a high with you?

This world is truly amazing, but still so horrifying…

When I’m dying, can I call on your divinity?

I know, I understand, I am deep and enlightened –

But please do not be frightened, us human beings are always so trapped in fear…

If you believe in our magic, the very world we can have it!

I can show you many things, that will make you say –

Why, love, is simply the main answer, to every thing.

Every complicated question points right to the heart.

Your beautiful eyes, I only wish to feel them.

And when I’m suffocating in darkness, your heart I need it.

Love does this for me, it allows me to breathe, and each day that we talk –

I will feel reluctant to leave…

This planet has two sides, one dark and one light.

And sometimes –

I am so trapped in darkness, that it isn’t alright…

But you…

You are are so very beautiful, and the divine feminine inspires my soul.

Dear divine feminine, these poems are sentences that you must read and know.