I find strength in baring my soul.

I find freedom in expressing what dares to be told.

I feel great and bold…

I find value, in sharing my feelings.

I feel freedom, in writing and expression.

It is therapeutic and healing…

It is brave and revealing.

The human condition, we all suffer and it is another thing to reveal!

No shame.

No shame.

No, shame.

I will be –

Embracing my story, and talking out loud.

Releasing the chains of society…

Thinking of myself highly, except this isn’t narcissism or anything like that.

It is me taking back, my narrative.

Because I feel we don’t share enough…

We want to appear perfect and put together.

But I find that the more we try that route.

The more we break inside, as we believe the lie.

Our souls need release, we need to debrief.

This hell that we are practically living in, we shall fight in numbers.

Supporting, standing up for each-other.

Never before, has humanity been so connected!

We shall spread love, embracing each-other with understanding, as we grow more connected.

And we may not be perfect, but we are assuredly worth it.

But with genuineness, and authenticity- we can escape this matrix.

Dear humanity, we are one.

This is my fight, that has just begun.