Meditations [9]

I realize, and I recognize that my Heavenly father, is giving me my opportunity to write a page in history.

I feel grateful.

I am humbled.

I am honored…

But, more importantly I am focused.

I am thankful for men like Jay Kule.


Randy Litts.

Kevin Rodriguez.


Dan Havoc.


Thus far…

And, as I gain back my consciousness.

And, as I gain back my mental clarity, and my literal mind…

I have things on my heart, and things that are heavy on my soul.

Often times, in my life, I made actions that I regret.

But a kind woman told me that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Women makes the highs high, and the lows low, often times…

But, my issue is this…

Why do I not know?

Why is there information concealed?

Kept hidden.

Why is there all this oppression, for what?

I am angry.

And this is my way, of ventilation…

Everyday, until I am where I am destined and meant to be.

I will write my meditations.

No one, is getting in the way of my pursuits…

God, has his hand on me.

For anyone, that has left me in the dark – mainly family…

Thank you.

You are just another reason, why I will do what I say, post, and express, and turn everything into manifestation and fruition.

I will, make my dreams a reality.

Watch me.

I love everyone.

That, is on my soul.