I mastered myself, and I am still mastering myself.

I craft myself, because life is primarily about art…

I am like a sculptor, sculpting my own sculpture.

I realize and I recognize, that nothing in life is perfect – so then, I ask myself, how can I at least, become my best self?

I reach this conclusion so often;

But writing, and expressing it all, actually softens…

I become more in tune with my soul and my heart grows for others.

The connectivity.

The things that were confusing, and problematic, it no longer has a hold.

I look around, at the people who’s been along for the ride.

Further, I observe people outside of my life.

I look at myself, and then the blackness wants to hide.

I judge, I admit that I do.

But often times, I shut it out – it does not get a complete say!

I try, I swear that I try, to look at each person, as a new day!

They have their own expression, so I come around to the same tired lesson, of acceptance and live and let live…

However, I will not, and I refuse to give 70%.

I want to see, what it is like, to become my best me!

As for people coasting, I simply try to encourage and inspire.

But that is sparingly.

Hence, my eternal Wisdom.

Here are free lessons, feel free to observe through this prism.

More-so, I try to ignite the passion and their own fire…

Which I know that they have…

I just imagine life as more soulful, and magical.

I swear that, that, would be rad.

But even in the end, it starts with the man in the mirror; I cannot literally change anyone.

And although, I can become a monster trying to fight life, instead of enjoying it.

It’s still all about love, and finding the best way to create harmony. Live and let live, right, that is what ultimately gives way for harmony?

Gladly, I am still motivated, to be an absolute great – I guess that it just runs in my veins and arteries.