In deep

I am in deep, and at times I question what I got myself into.

At times blissful, this road is extremely stressful.

At times painful, I feel extreme joy.

At times frustrated, I feel angry and want to destroy.

I try and find calmness, in the storm I’m immersed in.

So with patience, the lord will quench my thirst…

Blessing me with the understanding and wisdom to continue pushing.

The life I live is a prison.

I take the pressure, anyhow, and I have silent pain with smiles inside.

But it is not quite pride, but instead, something I must honor and listen to.

I am not miserable.

I am not depressed.

I just feel trapped.

I don’t feel on edge.

I just feel sapped of mental strength,

All because of the energy and power, it is growing nonstop!

I don’t know who I am becoming, but I will face the thing I have become.

My mind is numb.

My soul feels massive.

This heavy heart of mine, will not give in.

Dark and light feelings…

It is all still so chilling.