Alone, Not alone ~

I am by myself, writing and training on this mountaintop.

I am fighting with my soul, to not feel so alone.

Thus, I read the Gita…

I am brought to this book by my master.

The unity, the connectivity.

All of these things are true, and important.

I look at everyone as connected and coming from the same source.

I feel your pain, as if it is mine.

I see your happiness, and I feel it as mine.

If negative thoughts arise, I turn it on it’s side.

It is a lie!

I train my mind, to be all love.

That is how I want to live.

The thing is, sometimes…

I find myself feeling my own sadness.

This journey of becoming, and reaching enlightenment in Western America is not at all easy.

And still, I am not complaining.

I’ve been blessed with ways to get through this.

I can only dream and manifest more!

Some day, I will find the door to love, the loving friendship that is pure and wholehearted.

Beautiful and attractive.

Simply my other half, I wish that this will come into my grasp.

Universe, this is my focal prayer.

Please, provide this powerful layer…

I desire, but also wish to only radiate at the level of love, joy and abundance.

Please, I am wishing for the simplicity of enjoyment and loving – with and through another soul and human.