Driven ~

I find it difficult to analyze what level I am operating at.

Is it from my restless soul, or my driven mindset.

I awake at 3 A.M after tossing and turning, and the world no longer feels like a weight on my shoulders, but a world that I truly wish to be strong enough to carry.

It no longer feels like a painful suffering, but as a journey in truly wishing and asking God for the strength to hold it proudly and unrelentingly.

But how can I stand strong?

My mind is tired, and my soul simply does not know how or when to rest.

It continues to push me, and I don’t think that I am executing in clarity and precision.

My brain and mind matters equally as much.

To be able to think critically, intelligently, and precisely.

It will take sometime until this all equilibrates, but the moment this all locks in.

I will be a new creature, officially.

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