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Time is just a continuum, and the past is just a notion felt strongly like the urge of a sharp hunger.

The present is just a synonym, for the moment your eyes blink in the eye of thunder.

The future does not exist, but still we persist in moving in that direction.

And all of these modes are simply a collection for being human and divine.

Along the way we look for signs, ways of enhancing our spirit and mind.

We stumble upon people, places and things… This human experience can be ever so strange.

Like the color of our skins caused so much disparity –

And the differences of ideas, causes the opposite of clarity?

There must be a reason why we are all here, I may not know now.

But the mystery of this all here, makes me wonder how, why and where did we come from?

Placed on this Earth, I won’t accept a scientific answer… We are more than a biological make-up, and to live is not some existential cancer.

Flow, and learning… The ways of divinity, I desire to learn it.

#poetry #aesthetic