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The only choice I have is to move forward, and to stay positive.

I feel heavily conscious on the fact that I am growing in years, and not the opposite.

Oh the days of being a kid are greatly missed.

And if I knew being adult was like this, I’d be the first to agree that we’ve been greatly tricked… The only thing to do is to grow forward and hope for a more magical existence, more and more.

Only the resilient in soul shall feel the golden youth in our heart’s core.

Music is the greatest medicine, I’d warn those behind us –

Money is not everything, but yet again it kind of is, just don’t let it blind us.

It can’t rewind us, it isn’t some sort of wand but can sure solve wanderlust.

So many things to know and carry, on this venture of being an adult.

It is freeing to know that the abstracts like love and hope is our only hope.

I speak for the forever young kinds, because growing old is a kind of joke.

I wish I can sleep on a beach or grow money on trees… But reality does not permit, so instead I do this… I write on, in my imaginary realm… And I extend it to the depths of my mind’s films.

When I am sad, or mad, tired or feeling dread.

I have energy that was anchored.

These poems are actually sacred.