Page 4.

I am often indecisive, not knowing what I want.

Are these conversations sincere, or am I putting on a front?

Falling in love to me, is like going after a jump –

Into the deepest river, during the coldest winter…

Can I swim and can we even stand the currents?

Will we win, and will we even withstand the hurry?

I am a damaged good.

I am not the greatest communicator, as things do not always go in our favor.

I am a damaged hood.

And the winds of life, causes me to shutdown, but I do not mean to let down.

Please don’t fret now.

I am young, and perhaps I am not ready – a truth I need to swallow.

I feel so hallow, I feel like my emotions are bottled.

I want a good woman, but I guess I have to be a good man.

And our fire, I don’t mean to blow out like a good fan.

I want to love hard, but I am playing too soft like a good hand.

I’m in water, proportionately.

I want to go forward, but not forcefully.

I want to understand, so much so that I over-stand.

I don’t want to grow a colder man…


No, I rather be with one at home.

Laughing, cuddling, loving.

Kissing, talking, and hugging.

All of this takes time, with each poem that rhymes, be patient with the man I am figuring myself out to be.

And if you cannot keep up with me, the leave will hurt but I’ve been through worse.

I just want someone that will work with me to reach eternity.