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Page 5.

Songs are written with every poetic line –

I look for meaning within random poetic signs.

The birds would leave me on a trail as I follow and run after.

And when it flies too far, I’ll be done after.

I’ll then choose to run after the sun after, thinking of new thoughts upon the horizon…

How I can love you as bright as the bright light upon me.

Gazing, at the danger in, and out of the fire.

I wanna be saved with your love as if it is dire.

And I want to be driver, taking us up to the stars often.

We can dream until your heart softens, and your past life fades into the new.

We can drink coffee to the thoughts that I drew,

Poetic symphonies and power;

I would gift you with love and flowers every day and single hour.

I would.

I could.

I will.

We should,

For good,

Just feel…