Page 6.

Angst, I know that you are just an obstacle that I must slay.

Pain, I know that you are just an illusion that I just feign.

War, there is a war on life that I must play.

Swords, I carry for the darkest day.

Equipped, with poetry, art, music, and elegance.

Lost, but this is my journey so there is no hurry.

Forest, the fire has burned, but the fire has made a way.

Clearing, and now I can make room for the things I need to say.

Love, there is so much of it to go around.

Love, it causes much happiness, allow me to expound… Love, it reasons that everything is worth the misery and confusion.

It leaves pain oozing, and the healing begins rapidly in the deep cuts that seem never ending.

I have happiness pending, allow me to pen it.

Writing, my gift that I would never take for granted again, my rain that pours –

I promise to never end it.