Page 7.

I am pure at heart.

But sometimes, I can never be sure at heart.

I am a man of many mistakes and imperfections, as I know we probably all are.

And as a man of God, I strive to reach my star.

If God is infinite, then as human beings we are not as far…

We are closer to him than we think, so we can stop being hard on ourselves, as if it is law.

I try to angle my thoughts, and make them as pure as harps.

It’s a challenging thing, because I am not exactly an angel with wings.

It is how I was raised, excellence was heavily expected…

Excellence in character was always tested.

And at the same time, my heart was heavily neglected.

Now I am here as a man, and I am a deep thinker.

I haven’t drowned totally, no I am not a deep sinker.

I do struggle a lot.

I do walk in my own puddles a lot.

But it’s because I am a scarred individual.

No need to sound pitiful, these are just reflections and more or less corrections –

Of my mind and soul.

I am in sure understanding that God has a hold… And as I mold, and form,

I can withstand any storm

And I will carry a mind of Gold,

As if I mine for Gold.

Because That is what these poems are for,

Healing and growth of my mind, body, and soul.