Page 9.

The current of life is love –

I no longer walk aimlessly, because I sense the growth happening patiently.

It flows through me and I flow with it simultaneously.

Music plays loudly, and it’s the pulse that beats, that makes me feel like shining radiantly.

I evolve into who I am meant to be – all the while, keeping Christ in my soul in which he is infinitely saving me.

I feel my growing years lasting.

I feel my younger years past me.

Contrasting, I feel like I am growing more distant from fear.

With a strong armor of Christ I wear.

If I do shed tears, they are like moments of glory.

Another page being written in my story.

I am just another sage, walking a distance that’s farther yet equal to humanity.

I feel my strength in the next person, and it humbles me.

I am here for the next person, because we all experience stumbling.

Community is what I sought, on this long journey from home.

Enlightenment is what I sought, on this long journey alone.

And now I am here, what will I do with what I have, I ask.

I presume love, love in it’s full color – that is my task!