Page 10.

I have an affinity for sleeping in peace.

Sleeping with love, mutes all of the other sounds…

I want us to be surrounded by roses as we sleep:

A love so deep;

Banks of roses cover the underground…

Dark, and murky feelings are still as beautiful as stillness.

Love, is still surreal in all of its realness.

Our bodies were once chill, as our bodies now become one with heat…

A love that seeps, through my pierced eyes, that at times weep.

I choose to have these roses buried over the undertone.

Feelings either intense or mild.

Feelings are like thorns that are still meekly wild.

And while our desires cry steeply loud;

The passion that envelopes it all seems deeply proud.

From beginning to end, the story is still imprinted with lasting love.

Love has always been the focal point of existence, and I am focused on coloring it my vision.

With written poetry to coat my texts and voice.

The red flowers beside us, could fill this void.