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There are moments when I reflect on my craft of writing, and I ask myself if this is something I am even good at. I think about all of the great writers and thinkers in history: Aristotle, Shakespeare, to modern writers like John Greene and J.K. Rowling, and my stuff just doesn’t compare.

I start to feel inadequate.

I think to myself, I actually picked a craft to submit my passion that just is one major, competitive field of thought surrounded by giants of vocabulary and mega poise.

And I can not compare to these legends.

My writing is far too simple and modernized.

But then my ‘wise brain’ kicks in and I give to the old –

All writings are different, and unique just like people, and I need to be kinder to myself.

Perhaps, I do need to be kinder to myself…

But I can’t get over the fact that my writing is somewhat mediocre, or is it?

Like a layer of the atmosphere, my thoughts never seem to get past the stratosphere. I feel Earth bound. I feel bound to critique my work from a very dismembered state.

I am a poet at heart, lover of heart language.

Introspecting, I fail to realize that – I have a particular style.

My style is ‘memoir-like’, personal, and just plain real.

And I plan on getting more real.

I intend on growing more from this stance of perception.

I intend on owning my voice.

If I can own my voice, I can own my writing style, and if I can own my own, then the final piece is developing the ability to own the crowd. And ultimately moving the crowd…

So here is my start, to writing beyond poetry.

My first introspective piece, about what better thing, then the actual craft itself?

I hope to move past the stratospheric altitude into the space realms.

I hope to move past these initial layers because doing things beyond our natural environment is the key to eternal development…

I fear stagnation.

I fear the pain of looking in the mirror and not seeing change.

I want to be someone else by age 25, I am 23 now.

I want to become a more established writer.

With my blog reaching this many people (140+ Followers) I envision my voice can grow with the crowd in purity. I have faith that I have the potential to reach more people, and still, I am proud to have my small following.

I have written over 400 poems.

Some very emotional.

Some very self centered.

A lot of them, spiritual.

Many of them, about love.

I want to write about these subjects, the psychology of self, spirit, and love.

These three very profound subjects, are practically my life and I wish to expound!

I want this, and I am willing to step out of my comfort zone. It is the only way to grow.

⁃ Amor Fati