Page 12.

The prevalent forces of life looms darkness over me.

It wants to bring out the colder me, a different me in which truly isn’t me.

The real world is different from college.

The realms interact, but the interference is not exactly intact;

You see college created a layer for me, and I broke past the ceiling.

My breakdown, my passion.

Led me to this looming understanding – of darkness that’s lasting…

Society is a breathing organism with living parts that I haven’t fully grasped.

And to have a companion to trust me and my journey would make me glad.

A friendship basis is healthy, as long as I am with you.

But, words cannot describe the moment where I can kiss you.

I have trouble coping with this existence of so much growing complexity.

I have to understand things, and I need your empathy –

Because the way my mind works, I need your sympathy.

Yet, I am my own man just a special kind.

I just want to be understood and to understand you…

I think we’ll be fine.