Page 14: “Love’s Individuation Process…”

As of late, I’ve been seeing the brighter side of life.

It takes work internally, and life seems like a perpetual perplexing problem that I try to solve often – but I’ve been feeling the goodness again.

Goodness is an important and amazing feeling amidst stress, pressures, and responsibilities.

When someone makes you feel good, it is essentially a heart’s home.

Things that once appeared deadly serious, only appear as things I need to attend to when the time is applicable.

Music hits differently, conversations with others seem more relevant, and intimacy grows deeper and stronger.

I think everyone needs that home, a heart to listen…

I think I needed it for sure.

I now feel safe. I feel grounded. I feel in touch and I feel blessed…

The hearts language is one of immediacy.

When it is quenched and taken care of, most things fall into place.

Life doesn’t change, but you do.

You grow, when someone you give full attention to becomes a priority.

Details become more important…

The other person’s happiness becomes an important piece of you.

If that person is happy, then so are you.

I am not just describing love, but companionship, partnership…

Companionship is important in a lonely and cold world.

And I am speaking from the heart.

The heart is part irrational.

The heart desires things that are not logical, mathematical or complicated to figure out…

It wants what it needs.

A hug, an affection and attraction etc.

Thus, I admit to myself – I struggled for quite a while.

Being in a complete mode of study, work, and investment into improving myself is a lonely lonely road when you don’t have someone to cheer for you.

With this new person in my life, I have broken away from useless relationships, I am closer to my purpose in heart, and I feel invigorated.

Grounded, not invincible.

Understood and personally, sharper…

The future feels aimed for, not lived in.

This is the power of having someone in your life that you want to make happy and care about.

Two people together can move mountains and travel through valleys, especially when one of the two has traveled that path alone already.

Love, and true connection is the catalyst for passionate living, and in my case – passionate writing.

I intend on doing more, and achieving more ground with my passion for writing, as my heart is experiencing a booming of healing.

In this time of complete darkness and confusion worldwide, I feel myself being a light.

I feel myself becoming a clear light for others to see and use for inspiration. As I walk the path made for me by a source of love.

I struggled in the past with understanding my self, but I think it was rooted in loneliness.

I was insecure, chasing a persona, for someone to accept.

But all is illusory.

Being myself can take me far too.

I no longer feel such a way, and Intend on using the light being cultivated between me and this beautiful heart, more and more.

The future seems good.

Everything is good, and growing better.