Page 16.

With the odds stacked against me.

I felt as if darkness, I was entrenched in.

With my world becoming pressed in,

Came you who saved me…

So many mediums I want to use in expression.

Written songs turn into poetry, while love is basically owning me…

There’s not enough that I can do,

Thus, I feel more passionate to prove.

So, my love becomes ambitious and funneled,

into a vision that is tunneled.

You appear on the other side,

And from darkness I run to you.

Instrumental how I smile often, when seeing you and talking.

It feels unusual to open,

But like babies we are walking.

Blackness covered inside my soul, it is black from all of its tear.

It is hard for me to shed tears –

From all of the letdown over the years…

Pain is basically all that I know, but your love is a journey that I am anxious to grow.

Our relationship, and flow, that we are in…

Turns into bareness and passionate sin.

Too soon to put labels but never too soon to feel our rush…

A catalyst as such, because from you I never get enough.

And I hope this never gets old, perhaps until we grow old.

Because I love when you are light, giving me frowns to turn right.

And I love when you act yourself; turning my downs into fun nights.

Currently soaring at this time of my life,

Things are making sense and it is nice. 🌹