Page 18.

If I cry, it’s only because it feels necessary and admitting.

If I cry, I am not guilt tripping or quitting.

It’s a way of shifting and fitting my heart into fire that makes rounds of burning my emotions into smoke and dust.

My heart is pretty robust, thus, I cry until gust and sunlight brushes the evening day into love and trust…

Of myself.

By myself.

I regret moments when I was filled with lust…

When I can reflect and list just how much –

The love and peace felt between us.

Lifted us into realms, that are enough to make you blush and hush…

Too busy, listening to sounds of alive love.

Vulnerability in my manner of showing heartfelt cries…

I miss having you in my corner, and I miss seeing your eyes.

A moment of time away, is like a bad dream in a scary place.

It’s like a love gone into a disgrace.

And to be in your presence gave me star felt pride.

Lucky me, to have a lucky night with you.

Luckily I see, that us men cry too…

And my sense of passion isn’t tainted or embarrassingly felt inside…

But instead, I embrace the warmth felt in the past few days as golden.

I’m sailing on cries that melt into the rivers of lovely hugs and kisses that I keep inside memory banks in which I dearly hold in.

I cry.

I cry…

I cry prematurely and maturely for us.

Only time will tell, but I vow to never lose the electric energy felt between us.


So I cry.

And I look back into my own eyes, and say I am strong.

With you or without, I carry on.

With love, and passion…

I am infinitely here for you.

As above, so below.

The love within me, is the love that I want to grow.

I still believe in the love, I infinitely know.

When you are ready, I am willing and ready to show.