Page 20.

Breaking open my worldview, is as uncomfortable as walking over fire.

All I aspire for is greatness and for my soul to grow higher.

But as I am growing, I am slowly growing tired.

I need new insight, new truths and new experiences… As my broken worldview is shattered, my soul feels delirious.

If God loves us, then he is sparing us… So much of society is misleading, and it is not fair enough.

Our souls need feeding too, and the collective consciousness needs breathing too.

We are needing truth.
We need to repair the youth.

We are needing to reboot,
There’s war on consciousness and we need a truce.

We are needing cues,
Instead of things to use,
We need love as much as we need to reduce:

The split, the divide, the hate, and the lies… Negativity I don’t necessarily despise, but I try to negotiate with – to rise as we strive.

A collective humanity, I feel that we are going to survive… If we hold on, and keep our strength up.
Together we shall never give up.