Page 21.

The nature of life is change.

The philosophy that’s universal, is suffering and pain.

The nature of I, is self.

The self seems like many things, split into many divides like heaven and hell.

At times I question, am I truly living or only partially through parts of me?

And is my heart still flesh red, or is it now a faint mahogany.

I need more passion to get me through the days where life is too simple to keep fighting.

The mundane gives me peace and zen, and such insight that makes me want to change how I began.

I want to live it as if it is my last, every second and minute counts.

Every ounce, and every breath, and blink.

Every touch, every word, and every thousandth thought that I think…

The profoundness is found in the simplicity of things, yes.

I want to extend them to the stars and universal heavens.

Taking my fire to the stars will only cause me to embody my essence.

My essence, wondrous.

Adventures of love provides great pleasance…

And your spirit is like a sky full of stars, or as giant as sycamore.

And although we struggle with our minds, I still find that love is still in our core.

Like turbulence in the air, we run into obstacles in this life of danger.

And we find ways to cope, to resist living a life of anger…

I do not think that our mental health is a tainted attribute.

I think society is highly dysfunctional, but we will find our spirit’s footing and longing.

And, hopefully the strength too…

When life becomes dark, love is what we shall do.