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I know of no greater subject than love.

I know of no greater substance than this drug.

I know of no greater answer, no greater cure to great cancers.

I think, my niche of poetic discourse – is love and it’s infinitely great potential.

After love, is truth, in sequential.

I know of no greater task than to describe the infinite possibilities.

Love, and it’s tranquility gives space to lodged emotional vibes.

It’s like an emotional high, when I am with you.

It’s like an emotional drive, that only just wants to dive… Into ocean waters that lie, across the borders at five;

Perceiving with, deep eyes;
the horizon of this Earth.

Sometimes you don’t always find, what you earnestly search.

And sometimes it’s just hard to climb, when your heart simply hurts.

But you know, Love is a great teacher.
Love is it’s own preacher.
And when in love, I’ll do anything to keep ya.
And if love is layered, then I’m trying to love deeper.
Doing anything to keep her, I think I love her past the meter.
Meters break.
For loves sake, let’s be in the present.
Because our light is so florescent;
In your presence, I feel blessed in.
When you away, I be stressing.
I just need you for more seconds.

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