Page 26.

The melody reminds me of you today,

And, as I try to discern what is true today:

The music is lovely, but so is your mood today.

Your body is warm, but we are simply cool today,

And I am trying not to act a fool today.

My heart is tied in knots, tightly, And so I spew today.

I am thinking of you today…

If I win your soul, I am thinking I cannot lose today.

Poetic lines I wrote,

My heart, I use today.

Infinite ways of knowledge, to say I knew today,

That I knew I’d love you, in this day.

God created it, so it is his day.

God created you, a magmatic soul you are.

If in competition with the sun, he’d be jealous and zealous.

You cool to the touch of me, instantly –

How cold you are.

How cold I’ve became, on this long harbor of destiny.

How I only wish to love in fullness, you will never receive less of me.

In the switch of a moment,

Loving you is atonement.

And I don’t know what exactly rules today, time or tides.

Coffee and literature, while spending time inside.

Give me your hand and we can climb this high.

Give me you heart, and we can have the time of our lives.

Adventuring north, then discovering south.

Cherry red on your mouth, yet, taste of succulent honey.

And the way you call me honey, soothes my soul that’s been running –

Away from the world, away from myself.

Trying to escape myself, I’ve negated myself.

But now I relate myself, to the stars of heaven, as I slowly elate myself…

My heart causes me trembling.

I followed it relentlessly to the borders of abyss.

It’s been a wild trip, to lead me to this –

A beautiful woman, whom deserves my relation.

This poetic sensation, is the ultimate elation.

If I were a color, and you were a color –

I’d never erase us

Because our gradients are spacious, and deserving of praises.

I’ve been lost in mazes, but now I’m discovering amazing places…

Embracing this life, with you.

Simplicity, I emphasize, as I simply, kiss you.