Page 27.

Every day when the great star arises;

I feel hope for the long days ahead.

Everyday when I run, and I feel enlivened,

I feel hopeful that my thoughts will clear up in my head.

I used to dream and strive for stardom,

But now I realize that isn’t what I need.

I am not saying that it is a terrible thing to dream,

But it certainly is some error in logic.

Because chasing a dream is not exactly what it seems.

Separation from family and loved ones, sacrificing time from growing with others.

The craft is important to develop, but it can definitely take you under.

And I wonder, where I would’ve gone as a professional athlete.

I had it in me and every thing that would have made it possible.

But then I question, did I really?

Because my heart is illogical,

and my ego is fragile,

while my mind constantly chases things honorable.

I probably would have walked a fine line of sanity bordering insanity.

But now that my life is normal, I want to make up for lost time, as my dream is now an enemy.

And as I cross time, over to normalcy.

I find that things orderly, are proportionally difficult to follow accordingly.

It’s the sword with me, that makes me stronger, you see…

My ability to dream, and deny others their opinion –

is the same strength given,

that will help me make the switch in,


I am normalized but special,

With grit and passion running through my vessels.