Page 28.

Blank pages stare back at me, and what I write must be the truth.

I am in so deep, that my development mandatorily has to be new.

The old must wither away;

My demons must slither away.

And so I think with newfound spirit of Christ beside me;

He’s come out from hiding.

I’ve kept him behind me, and now I am currently realizing…

That I am nothing without him, so I want to learn as much as I can about him.

The devil is out, and he won’t come back a voice comes to me and says.

And I vow to keep negative vibes away, as I vow to be more like Christ, I pledge.



Silence, as angels are sent.

And I don’t know what is going on in the heavens, I guess:

I hope that the devil is pressed, because I feel a calming sense in my mind arena.

My thoughts are more positive, cleaner, and I feel a sense of relieving.

And I want to go higher, more at peace with my self.

A son of God, eventually, heaven, I want to see for myself.

Excellence, is what I deem from myself.

I’ve been asleep for so long, and I think now that I am awake –

How can I finally dream for myself?

Walking on clouds, and sleeping on water.

Dancing on abstracts, as I am high and lofty.

Discretions in my descriptions –

Uplifted in my corrections.

Perfection is what I envision,

With Intentions of being vivid.

And all things become new.

My mind, becoming one with my heart as before it was separated in two.

I suppose, that God’s promises are true.

I now know that God’s promises are true.